Our Services

Our company provides you with services of qualified legal professions for consulting, and also for representation at the Court of Law.We can be your legal attorney in the stage of Court, Municipal or County Tribunal, Court of Appeal, the High Court of Cassation and Justice, including the Court of Strasbourg.

We can represent your interests at judicial inquiry and for an criminal investigation: at a police station, Police Head Quarter, Courts, Tribunals, Court of Appeals, the High Court of Cassation and Justice - criminal departments, National Departments of Anti-Corruption, all Prosecutors Offices near Courts and Tribunals, General Prosecutor's Office in criminal matters.

Commercial matters: founding of companies, modifications in commercial structures, increase of capital, associations, and any relations with Trade Registry. Commercial litigations will be sustained in front of the Instance, before the High Court of Cassation and Justice- commercial department, and, also before the Court of International Commercial Arbitration related to the Romania Chamber of Commerce and Industry. We can assist your trade companies in usual activity, and we assist you in the liquidation stage, insolvency procedure. We can be your legal attorney as creditors for bankruptcy.

NEW! Consulting with a legal attorney specialized in community law, competition, European social law, rights and obligations of Romanian citizens working in Community Space !


There are documents for which you don't need a notary public office, we can attest them, with a seal on the basis of the Law of Legal Attornies.

In matters of civil law, and in matters of commercial and criminal law, please visit the "Family Lawyer" programme.

We can assist you in negociations for concluding civil or commercial contracts, and in the case of conciliations of Commercial contracts and we can join you and support you in any meeting with your business partner.

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