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Law firm "Toader and Associates" offers representation at all levels of jurisdiction (courthouse to HCCJ). We provide legal assistance, legal consultancy, negotiations in civil law, commercial law, family law, international law. We also offer consultancy in restitution, business establishment, divorce or separation processes, processes of inheritance, succession, tabulation.

You were right to visit our site! Our site can provide you with all the solutions for your judicial problems, competent advice in legal matters, and last but not least an confidentiality that you deserve !

If you have decided to apeal to "Toader and Associates" Legal Company you'll be able to choose between the programme "Family Lawyer" or the special consultancy programme for your own company. In both situations you will benefit from a high quality professional service of legal companies and offices with which we collaborate, and, also our customers will benefit from great fee discounts during trials and processes, as well as from credit from our permanent consulting business. For further details, please visit the programme "Family lawyer" whose mentor is "TOADER AND ASSOCIATES" Legal Company, trade mark "OSIM".

Our company mentor legal attorney, Ionela Toader-Georgescu, founded diverse legal actions in 1979 including the international system competition. After 1989, she found herself as a Consultant legal attorney of the USA Consulate in Bucharest from 1990. Her legal work of international notoriety doesn't stop here, but in Strasbourg where she represented in the interest of Romanian citizens.

She also represented and continues to one of the greatest Auction Houses - "objets d'art" from Europe - since its creation in 1990. Att. Ionela Toader-Georgescu is one of the founders of "ALIS" Auction House, one of the most wellknown companies in Romania, we have assisted and represented it for years.

Legal attorney Oana Toader-Plugariu is one of our associates. She's specialized in Business Law, commercial consulting, and a holder of master degree in this field. Lawyer Andrei Dima, associate in the Society, specializing in Criminal Law, owner of Master degree in Criminal Sciences.

The other associates, including the Associated Offices will take your problems, within the "Toader and Associates" Legal Company, and resolve them promptly and professionally.

We also collaborate with experts of all kind of fields, Executor Offices, Notary Offices, banks.

We believe we will succeed in covering a great deal of judicial problems, including important pleading.

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