The fees are proportional to the difficulty and duration of the consultation or activity provided for the client, promoting the principal of direct negotiation.

The clients noted in the client-subscriber programme benefit from discounts and priorities, such as:

Commercial matters the first consultancy is free when concerns commercial processes, the companies we advice a monthly basis and offer a discount of 30-40% in assisting before Courts.

Those who are part of the "FAMILY LAWYER" programme, for civil, criminal and commercial matters, and the fees for the actions before the Courts will receive a 30-40% discount. The "FAMILY LAWYER" programme, can credit the clients vis à vis the fees, so that, you can obtain judicial advice even if you can´t pay immediately.

The fees are established depending on the difficulty and duration of the action of law, being calculated as follows: per hour, depending on result, proportional (to succes) and subscripition.

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